A changing climate

What is our carbon footprint?

How do we know the amount of CO2 that we are responsible for so that we can take steps to reduce it? Our individual carbon footprint measures the amount of carbon dioxide produced as we go about our everyday lives. It is measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere. CO2 is produced by the burning of fossil fuels which is used to provide energy for our homes, by the cars we travel in and by the manufacture and transport of goods we buy. In the UK, each person produces, on average, 11 tonnes of carbon a year. (Source: Carbon Trust)

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How does the way you live your life contribute to CO2 emissions?

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Are we able to adapt?

Even if we stop burning fossil fuels and cutting down forests today, the world's climate will still warm in years to come.

As well as mitigating against our carbon emissions, we need to adapt to a changing climate, from the buildings we live and work in, to the way we travel, to where we go on holiday, to the plants and flowers we grow in the garden and the food we buy in the shops.

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