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The Future of Flooding in London:
How does flood risk affect the place you live?

children in a flooded street
flood fact

Flooding and managing flooding costs the UK around £2.2 billion each year. £800 million each year is spent on flood and coastal defences and an average of £1,400 million on damage.


For many people, flooding is a fact of life. Around 10% of homes in the UK are at risk form coastal or inland flooding. Climate change could increase the amount of homes that are at risk of flooding, while pressure for new homes could mean more developments being built in floodplains. Flood defences not only protect people and the houses we live in, but also hospitals, schools, the emergency services and transport.

Could a changing climate mean that more people choose to live in places that are away from the coast and rivers?

Download the map and mark on it where you live and the places that you think will be most affected by flooding. Refer to the map of changing sea levels in 'A changing climate'. Where would you choose to live?


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