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Multimedia activities

This website has been designed to make full use of multimedia activities, including Flash activities, movies and sounds. These require that you have the appropriate plugins installed on your computer, including up to date versions of Flash and Quicktime. If you do not have the plugins already, you can download them from the links below.

download flash  Download Flash

download quicktime  Download Quicktime

Several of the activities also use javascript and cookies. By default these are enabled in most browsers, but it is possible to disable them by altering your browser settings. If this has happened then you will need to enable them again before some of the activities will work.

Using 'Full Screen' options

Most of the 'Flash' interactive activities have an 'enter/exit full screen' button. Clicking this button will cause the activity to display over the whole of your monitor. This is intended to allow teachers to display activities on whiteboards at a larger size than would normally be possible, no longer constrained by the space available in a browser window.

The diagrams of 'the lifecycle of a cd' and 'the journey of a strawberry' can be downloaded in pdf file format, which also allows documents to be viewed in full screen mode. To display pdf files in full screen, save the pdf to your computer and then open it in Adobe reader. In Adobe Reader, use Ctrl+L to toggle in and out of full screen mode.

Text based alternatives to multimedia activities

We have provided text based alternatives to multimedia activities wherever possible. These will usually be in the form of Microsoft Word files as this will allow you to format the content to suit your own needs - for example if you want to enlarge the text, remove answers to questions and save them in a separate file, and so on.

If you want to save the file to your hard disk, right click the link and select the "save as" option.

Resizing the text

If you want to, you should be able to resize almost all of the text using your browser controls (a few bits of the text are actually graphic images and therefore have a fixed size).

Changing your browser settings

You might find the links below helpful if you are unfamiliar with the controls built into your web browser.

For detailed information about changing the display options for Firefox, click here.

For detailed information about changing the display options for Internet Explorer, click here.

For detaiiled information about Safari, click here


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We also follow the Worldwide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 and aim to meet all level A and double-A checkpoints.