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Welcome to Your Climate, Your Life website for schools. This website has been developed by the Royal Geographical Society with IBG and supported by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) Climate Challenge Fund. The aims of the website are to enable students to:

  • understand how climate change may impact our lives here in the UK
  • understand the science behind climate change
  • and how scientists are making projections for the future

The website supports the KS3 geography and citizenship curriculum and links to GCSE and A Level.

The first section, A changing climate sets out the scientific evidence for a changing climate and future projections for the UK. It also includes a pledge that students are asked to complete at the beginning of any work on climate change and another form after completing work on any of the other sections. This can be done online and printed off or a word document can be downloaded to be given out to students to complete. The pledge asks students to make a change, this could be as simple as changing a light bulb.

This section is divided into the following pages:

The section on ‘A changing climate’ is designed to be undertaken before any of the other sections on the website which focus on lifestyles and can be completed in any particular order. The following sections follow the same format of a starter activity designed to introduce the topic, main learning activities and a plenary section to reinforce the learning objectives or introduce questions for further study. The sections also have a ‘find out more’ feature which may be a case study to download or web links. Key words that are highlighted in the text can be found in the glossary page.

Wherever possible there are text-based alternatives, usually in Microsoft Word. You can download these to use away from the computer and/or to adapt them to meet your students’ needs. Go to Accessibility for more technical help on using and adapting the site.

Each of the sections below can be downloaded and printed out:

Green Designs
The Big Surf
Musically Sound
Days Out
Beating the Heat
Flowers for the Future
Location, location, location
Buying Power: Food
Tomorrow’s Energy